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Eagle North America provides a comprehensive range of services for the management of residuals. Founded in 1993 as a waste recycling and waste disposal company, our principal maintenance shop, equipment yard, and fabrication facilities are located with our corporate headquarters in Evans, Georgia. In addition, we have offices and facilities located across North America.

In 1999 Eagle North America entered the dredging, dewatering, and geotube markets. In 2001 we purchased Western Dredge, the nation's most respected residuals dredging contractor. With headquarters in Boise, Idaho, Western Dredge brought 30 years of dredging experience to Eagle. This exceptional expertise accelerated our capabilities to professionally serve more clients in more markets.

Eagle North America now owns and operates a fleet of specialized mobile and modular equipment, including hydraulic dredges and belt presses, designed to meet the particular requirements of a variety of projects. Single and multiple equipment set-ups give our highly trained crews the ability to meet the various and unique needs of all our clients.

With a wide array of resources at their disposal, our personnel have achieved a remarkable track record of successful outcomes. We continue to pioneer new technologies such as the use of geotubes for passive dewatering, materials containment, and construction.

Through constant innovation and an unwavering commitment to quality, Eagle North America now enjoys a leadership position in waste processing, hydraulic dredging, mechanical dewatering, and geotextile container applications.

Our Mission:
The mission of Eagle North America is is to provide a comprehensive residuals management program for a wide range of clients, with a focus on results, quality, and safety. We will continue to set the "standard of excellence" for processing, dredging, and dewatering aquatic waste and waste by-products.

Our Commitment:
Eagle North America is dedicated to the goal of exceeding the expectations of our clients. We will work smarter, harder, and safer than our competition. We will remain focused on providing the highest quality services at economical prices. We will support our employees as our most important asset. We will develop mutually rewarding relationships with our clients.