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Eagle North America has many clients who outsource strategic, but non-core processes. Outsourcing non-core processes allows them to focus all of their energies on optimizing their proprietary business processes.

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality equipment and services. Eagle North America will not sacrifice quality in return for a lower overall project price. Our experienced staff always finds a way to offer the highest quality equipment at competitive, economical prices that return significant financial benefits to our clients.

Extended Contracting Services
Customers who have MULTI-YEAR and/or MULTI-SITE projects can benefit from a more encompassing, longer term contract for services to be rendered. Certain Eagle North America clients have multiple locations, annual dredging needs, and multiple sites requiring annual maintenance. These clients benefit from our Extended Contracting Services program. The following benefits are realized:
Benefits of Extended Contracting Services program as follows:
  • Assured Equipment Availability
  • Reduced Cost for Mobilization
  • Enhanced Safety Planning & Training
  • Improved Pre-Construction Planning
  • More Convenient Project Scheduling
  • Site- & Project-Experienced Personnel
Positive Impact Areas for our Customers
  • Operations - Scheduled Crisis Avoidance
  • Engineering - System Design, History & Data
  • Purchasing - Reduced Contracting Costs
  • Environmental - Controlled Compliance
  • Financial - Longer Term Budgeting
  • Materials - On-Site Project Related Items
Eagle North America's Extended Contracting Services will help prevent crisis management situations, reduce costs for necessary services, improve planning and time management, enhance controls and safety matters, optimize utilization of resources, and provide more predictable results.