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The following are typical projects that involve the utilization of our dredging equipment:
  • Silt and sludge removal from industrial ponds and lagoons
  • Biological sludge removal from waste water treatment lagoons
  • Sediment and sand removal from canals, lakes, ponds, and rivers
  • Hazardous and toxic waste removal, including low pH lagoons
  • Removal and transport of slurried materials to dewatering facilities
  • Clearing of sediment from waterways, marinas, and dock areas.
Dredging machine being lowered into a pond with a craneEagle North America maintains an extensive inventory of hydraulic dredging equipment ranging from 6" auger style dredges to 10" high production cutter head models. Typically we use a horizontal auger style dredge to remove sediments and sludge from ponds, lagoons, lakes, rivers, and canals. These dredges feature 6", 8", or 10" centrifugal sludge pumps.

Our typical dredge is 8 feet wide by 30 feet long. The dredge is winched forward and backward by dredge mounted hydraulic wenches. Lateral movement is accomplished by adjustments in a shore mounted cabling system. In some cases, self-spudding dredges are employed, usually in open water situations.

Dredge working in lined pond Most of our dredges feature a hydraulic cutter head to remove the material insitu. In tightly impacted sludge, rotary cutterhead models are employed. Specialty heads are available for extremely difficult materials. Where applicable, we use a "liner protection device" to keep from damaging pond liners.

Material that has been dredged is normally pumped through a heat fused HDPE pipeline to the containment area or to the dewatering process. Materials can be pumped long distances with the addition of in-line booster pumps. These pumps are capable of pumping slurried materials up to 3,500 gallons per minute.

Horizontal sludge digging Process Control Dredging
Eagle North America has developed and perfected methods and techniques to dredge exact concentrations of residual materials to process applications, such as belt press dewatering stations. Since a large percentage of our applications involve the dredging of residual materials to process plants, we need to control the material entering that plant.

Our ability to provide consistent concentrations of material from our dredging equipment is the key to a successful outcome. We have significant expertise and experience in process control dredging.

Dredging in a lined pond Advanced Technologies
Eagle North America achieves extraordinary results by focusing on operator training and by providing our operators with the most advanced instrumentation available. This includes equipping all of our dredges with the latest GPS equipment for exact positioning and advanced flow and density meters to monitor materials flow.

We also own a stainless steel, remote control dredge for low pH situations. Other advances include the expertise and experience we have gained in the use of geotextile tubes for containment, dewatering and construction.