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Geotube systemEagle North America helped pioneer the use of geotextile tubes and containers as a cost-effective means of dewatering, storing, and containing solids. They have been found effective with a wide array of residuals, including flyash, tannery wastes, potash, mine tailings, industrial wastes, hazardous wastes, silts, sands, small gravel, and many others.

Dried cake from a Geotube being removedGeotextile tubes and containers are made from a high strength geotextile material that is fabricated as a permeable, woven membrane that will capture fine grain solids. The excess water drains from the tube, thus providing a passive means of dewatering.

In many cases the decanted water is of a quality that can be returned to native waterways or for reuse. The material remaining in the tube is now consolidated, thus providing containment as well as a repository for permanent or temporary storage of the solids. The environmental benefits of these containers are significant.

Since geotubes, containers, and bags are designed to contain, dewater, and consolidate solids, there are a number of measurable benefits depending on the application. Some of the benefits Eagle North America's clients have experienced are as follows:
  • A cost-effective means of high volume containment
  • An efficient and effective means of passive dewatering
  • Flexibility in the selection and preparation of disposal site
  • Reduced equipment, fuel costs and labor for operations
  • Reduced permitting for the storage of waste materials
  • Potential dual use for construction of berms, weirs, and dikes
  • Cost effective volume reduction and containment of solids
Geotubes being transported on a bargeEagle North America has completed numerous projects utilizing geotubes and containers. By selecting the appropriate dredge, manifold system, disposal site, and geotextile container, our clients have enjoyed many of the benefits itemized above. In order to properly set up each project, we employ the following tools and processes:

Project Specific TestingHanging Bag Test to measure containment
Full scale Pilot Project to measure efficiencies

Project Design ExpertiseAssistance from the geotextile manufacturer
Custom fabrication of containers to fit disposal site

Project ManagementDeployment of appropriate equipment and devices
Experienced personnel for setup and execution

Eagle North America is the industry leader in the use of geotextile tubes and containers. Our professional and technical approach is producing remarkable benefits for clients throughout North America.

Full GeotubesDredge working in a lake