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Eagle North America dredge and employeesEagle North America has strict, comprehensive policies to protect the environment, as well as the health and safety of its employees and customers. These policies combine with our overall Quality Assurance Program to provide clear, quality objectives so that each project progresses in the safest and most efficient work environment.

Enviromental Policies
Eagle North America is dedicated to providing technically advanced and cost-effective solutions to our clients' operational and environmental challenges related to their sludge by-products and/or sludge waste streams. We live under a 14-point Corporate environmental policy, which states in part that the prevention of pollution and enhancement of the environment are fundamental premises of our company's business.

Large dewatering pressHealth & Safety Policies
Eagle North America operates under a strict Health and Safety Program designed to keep safe work practices our number one priority. We routinely conduct operations at project sites where employees perform physically demanding and hazardous work in a wide variety of industrial environments.

We are dedicated to protecting our people, our customer's employees and property, as well as the environment. Eagle North America's Health and Safety Program is based on a proactive, continuous improvement process of prevention, assessment, corrective action, and training.

All our operations are in strict compliance with all OSHA standards, with special emphasis on Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (29CFR 1910.120). The primary objective of our safety program is to prevent accidents and injuries and protect personnel from exposure to hazardous situations and environments. We ensure the health and safety of our operations through careful planning, hazard recognition, engineering controls, employee safety training, and rigorous attention to safety details.

Dreding in a lake in a residential developmentEagle North America's health and environmental safety staff is comprised of multi-disciplined professionals, educated and trained in all aspects of hazardous material handling, remediation, and control. We place the responsibility for health and safety on all Management, the field Project Manager, the field Superintendent and every company employee trained and certified to be assigned to a field project. The Project Manager has access to unlimited resources in order to ensure that all health and safety concerns are addressed. All of our field personnel (equipment operators and laborers) are trained and qualified in all aspects of his or her job, as well as the site specific Health and Safety Plan.

Quality Assurance Policies
Eagle North America is committed to providing a comprehensive Quality Assurance Program designed to ensure each project meets or exceeds the performance objectives of the customer and the governing safety/environmental regulations. We operate in strict compliance with a Corporate QA program that is implemented using detailed operations procedures.

The performance objectives and operational standards for each project are integrated into site-specific operational procedures. These procedures are submitted for review by each customer to ensure each project's quality objectives are clearly defined and understood by all involved parties. Also, Eagle North America prepares and presents a Daily Worksheet for signature by an authorized customer representative to formally ensure that we are meeting the project's performance objectives and communicating our daily progress.