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Eagle North America has completed a number of large projects. Some involve multi-year contracts. The following is a brief description of these projects.

International Paper
Augusta, GA

Rick Goley - (706) 796-5691

Current provider of pond related sludge removal services. Have completed several large projects that removed in excess of 500,000 cubic yards of sludge from various wastewater lagoons.

Project Value: > $5,000,000

Westinghouse Nuclear Fuels
Columbia, SC

Jim McCormac - (803) 776-2610 ext. 3566

Current provider of dredging and dewatering services for the removal of calcium fluoride sludge from the plants wastewater lagoons.

Eagle North America developed the dewatering process involving high-pressure operation of specialized dewatering equipment. Eagle North America also provides recycling services for the resulting dried material.

Project Value: > $10,000,000 (10 Year Contract)

Sludge removal service

Big Island, VA

Bill Bowles - (434) 299-6014

Current provider of dredging and dewatering services for the removal of residuals from the plants wastewater lagoons. Eagle North America has met or exceeded every project expectation.

Project Value: < $500,000 (Multi-year Operation)

Sludge dewatering

Kingsport, TN

John Elkins - (423) 392-2833

Dredging and dewatering of over 250,000 cubic yards of sludge from the plant's wastewater lagoon. The project consists of five large 2.0 meter self-contained belt presses. The project was completed on time and on budget without a safety incident or mishap.

Project Value: > $4,000,000

Dredging fly ash for for Nevada Power

International Paper

Rich Lowe - (513) 248-6000

Eagle North America has performed numerous dredging and dewatering projects for various mills owned by International Paper. Many of these projects were in response to emergency situations and required immediate mobilization.

International Paper regards Eagle North America as a valued contractor and recognizes our commitment to providing them with quality services.

Project Value: > $7,500,000 (Combined Revenues)

Nevada Power Company

Joe Day - (702) 367-5306 x 204

Dredging of 150,000 cubic yards of fly ash to a disposal site located 6,000 feet from ponds.

Project Value: < $400,000

Dredging machine being lowered by crane into a pond