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Eagle North America provides a number of clients with complete waste management services. We specialize in the following waste recycling and disposal services:
  • Stabilization and disposal of non-hazardous liquids and sludges
  • Shredding of non-hazardous waste to be used as a fuel
  • Remediation and Tank Cleaning Services
  • Raw material replacement in cement kilns
  • Transportation services for all of the above
Dredging with a large crane and bucketAlliances
Eagle North America works with local cement plants as well as waste-to-energy plants to supply non-hazardous wastes to be used as fuel. Each site is equipped with an industrial shredder that can reduce the size of all types of non-hazardous waste so that it is a suitable fuel for cement production. As a result, we are the largest U.S. supplier of alternate fuels and raw materials for Holcim, the nation's largest producer of Portland cement.

Eagle North America continues to pursue other alliances that allow for the creation of suitable materials that can generate economic benefits while reducing environmental concerns. We have found that such alliances bring long term rewards for all parties.